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Adios February 14, 2007

Posted by silentEcho in Uncategorized.

I am posting after one month and fourteen days and it won’t be any more than this. It’s Valentine Day today and what better a day than this to choose to end it.

Good bye blue sky, I had a good time flying.

But it’s time to go now, now that I am dying.

I will meet you somewhere in the rainbows,

Look for me as far as the road goes.





1. Swetank - May 23, 2007

Hmmm… miss you! 🙂

2. chachi - June 2, 2007

hope we’d see you soon, friend.

Thy ardent fan.

3. wisemoron - July 2, 2007

Peel peel peel some onions,
peel some onions more.
I will come back with onions,
and bore you some more.


The road ends on my name.

4. chachi - July 2, 2007

hehehe…cant stop laughing 🙂

5. chachi - July 2, 2007

jaldi kar nayi post X(

6. wisemoron - July 2, 2007

dear Chachi Read my comment above carefully. The road ends on my name. [:)]

7. unkool - February 21, 2008

And how again is V-day a good time to end this? I can guess the answer would be along the lines of how it is ironic that you ended your “love affair” with your alter ego “wisemoron” on the day of love. But seriously, how? 😀
Oh btw, this is your chacha.

8. comptonsandoval616 - April 8, 2016

Sarah — I’m not sure you ever told me this news. I knew she was sick. It makes me so sad, because I loved holding her. She was my little pal when you traveled. Click http://link.mx/hool082015

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