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New year resoulutions January 1, 2007

Posted by silentEcho in Humor, moron's Diary.


Happy New year folks. Me back and as always: late. And it will be the same I suppose for a long time further. I was seeing my GTalk list for the wishing formalities when I saw this status message:

New year resolutions are checks drawn by people on banks where they do not have an account.

My account seems to be especially empty in this regard, for resolutions in general. It might even have a negative balance. But this won’t stop me from making more resoultions. So here are the new year resoultions:

1. Start bathing for the sake of others (although Kanpur is very cold right now).

2. Brushing my teeth more regularly so that I still have teeth on the next new year eve.

3. Consider all girls to be my sister so that my girlfriend blues end. No free girl no blues.

4. Stop writing crap like above ( I am afraid what will happen to me once Meander is published. It’s full of this BS).

5. Start studying again.

That’s more or less like it. And as I go, enjoy these lines:

गुज़ारने से पहले गुज़र गए लम्हे, लौट कर आने से मुकर गए लम्हे।
दस्तक देकर उन्होंने बुलाया मुझे, कभी हँसाया तो कभी रुलाया मुझे॥

कल रात फर्श पर बिखर गए, सय्यारों से अर्श पर निखर गए।
बुहार कर मैंने कोने में रखा, जाने कितना वक्त मुझे सोने में लगा॥




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