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Quickies December 14, 2006

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Endsems are over and the next sem will start from 28th December. Exciting new plans are in for the next sem along with some exciting events. For one, we will be having Gymkhana elections soon. It would be fun to see the sorry faces of the candidates. The post of President is the most coveted one and looks like our batch will make a record for the number of contestants for the ass-burning job, probably one contestant per wing. Then there is Techkriti. With Saumya Jain incharge this Techkriti is bound to be exciting. Visit us at http://www.techkriti.org. Then there is a possibility of Galaxy. And yes I need to app too if I want to go to Intern this summer.

छोड दे सारी दुनिया किसी के लिए,
ये मुनासिब नहीं आदमी के लिए।
प्यार से भी ज़रुरी कई काम है,
प्यार सब कुछ नहीं ज़िन्दगी के लिए।

What lines!! Hats off. Heard the song in one of the Film Song Competitions on DD1. Goes by the name Music Masti and Dhoom.

Two brothers pledged to become rich like mad yesterday. Rich as fast as possible using the best ways. Let’s see what happens to that pledge.

कहती हैं आँखें उनकी इज़्तिराब में कोई रात भर सो न सका,
यादों की चादर में घुट-घुट कर कोई खुल कर रो न सका ।
करवट फिर भी कुछ गीली तो है,आँखें कुछ सीली-सीली तो हैं,
कुछ गम है यार को भी ‘गाफ़िल’,आगोश में मेरे खो न सका।



1. kanha - March 8, 2007

pahile wale point ke baare mein ab kya kahte hain Mr.President 🙂

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