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In search of the Lotus September 27, 2006

Posted by silentEcho in Emotions, moron's Diary, People.

Where did the Lotus go? It was there when HE entered this creme ale college somewhere in the upper reaches of the country. But then, somehow the lotus was lost. Where is it now? Amidst all these trials for living, the lotus was lost. But where did it go? Did HE leave it in Hall 2? Or in the LHC? Lib? MT? Hall 1? IITD? Labs or Fac-B? Where!!?

They say HE changed, changed a lot. Some say that they are still trying to understand HIM. HE says the same thing now. They say HE is unfathomable, complex, made up of so many facets that when a new one is revealed, everyone is surprised. And after HE zings, he singes in the fire of it. Burning in Hell. But before that HE knew HIMSELF. He had the Lotus. His parents still hold fast to the belief that HE has the Lotus. No matter how many times he cries and tells them that the Lotus is gone for good, they still believe. They say that it’s not lost. It’s somewhere within. But what’s within? Darkness! Murk! Slime! Mud!

That, I say, is a perfect place for a Lotus to grow…I told HIM to dive inside. HE is still learning how to hold breath in a dive. Someday, I am sure, as sure as HIS parents are, HE will find the Lotus. Someday HE will be simple, as simple as a boy who was photographed with a bindi and a shawl on his head some eighteen years ago.

Cya later, alligator.




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