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The adventures of Kanha September 26, 2006

Posted by silentEcho in moron's Diary, People.

Back again!

Rendezvous 2006 is over. I didn’t particpate because of some commitments here. Naah don’t get wrong ideas. However IITK contingent went and won some prizes. Hindi team chaapufied. It got some cool prizes and more importantly, the team had a lot of fun. Kanha told me about the adventures he had there. He probably got the same shock I got last year and became madder than he usually is.

This time, the organisers cancelled the Prem Patra Lekhan Competition. But being what he is, Kanha went and requested the Coordinator ( Guess who??! ) that they ( the team ) had come specially to participate in the event. So taking pity, the coordinator said that they can have the competition as a Hindi Samiti event instead of an event in Rendezvous. Now think of a competition where all the particpants are from IITK and the competition is being held outside IITK. The team went on a rampage and Kanha really chapufied. All the love letters, and I mean ALL, were addressed to the coordinator and the writer for all of them was our very own Kanha. I mean what could be more hilarious! And after the competition, this poor guy who was a secy or something came running to the coordinator informing her that all the letters were addresses to her. Big, villanious laugh followed by a wink here.

The result: “IITK waale sabhi aise hi hote hai kya?

So much for love letters. Meanwhile, I would like to tell you that E Meander, the online version of Student’s Publications at IITK is up and running. You can visit it here.

Will cya soon,




1. kanha - September 27, 2006

what is this tona or echo whatever
apne liye 4 parts ki 10 page ki story aur mere liye chhota pack
bahut naainsaafi hai

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