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Slice of life… September 14, 2006

Posted by silentEcho in IIT Kanpur, moron's Diary.

I am posting here after a break of nearly a month. The last post was my first not-so-first attempt at a song. I don’t know what that means though. So where was I during this month long vacation? I know that nobody is interested in knowing that but still I will like to tell that. There has been a lot of this-n-that in the last one and a half month. As I post this, Tendulkar has already hit a century against West Indies in the second ODI. Hatz off.
The first mid semester examinations came and went leaving me wondering whether this is the same Arvind Kothari as in his first two semester at this place? However the feeling is not new. It has been here since the last two semesters or to be more precise since September 24 last year. I don’t know what to expect at the end of this semester expect that I can do bettre than what I have done this time.

I appeared for two interviews and failed both of them, keeping my past record intact. HLL and ITC came for recruiting summer interns. I cleared the GDs but was held in the interviews and that is a separate story by itself. Would post about it sometime later.
The Antaragni brochure has been finalized and I am happier than anybody else although Mandu won’t put my name in it for writing the text. The Design people did a hell of a job. Those guys are too good although I must say they talofy the work a lot and have a flair for speaking as if it was a great ehsaan they were doing to us ( which is true in some sense, but if you look at the fact that IITK is very much their institute also, then one can say that it’s no big deal.) The brochure will be up on the Antaragni website pretty soon and I must say that the girl on the page of Ritambhara, the fashion show, is very pretty. She’s a student at the institute. So for my honchos a major motivation to go to design lab was to talk to her.

The Antaragni website is up as well but some changes are still to be done and I hope that phase would be over by the weekend. Meanwhile I added a new job to my bag: text for Techkriti marketing brochure, main brochure and website. Thankfully Nishith Khantal aka Khanti is with me so the work is shared equally. We are seriously thinking about opening a brochure design company now. Would be a great job. Naah I am not joking. A few guys from IIT Guwahati already have a similar company by the name C7U or some similar name and they design publicity material of all sorts.

The work for India Inspired is going full pace now. At one point of time I was confused as to what I should do with the dual job of brochures and the I2 cell but since the work on brochure and site is largely over, I am back to my original job. Do visit I2 on Antaragni site as well as the original I2 website. THis time the scale of event has gone up. We are having an online essay contest along with a panel discussion with eminent personalities. There will be more competitions ( hopefully ) during the Antaragni.

I convened the first COSHA meeting this Monday. Some really important issues (Hall Allocation and Minimum wages issue) were discussed and I have to put up a report in Senate meeting scheduled this Sunday. So that means another four to five hour slot will be gone this weekend.

And now the best part. The first magazine from Meander went online on September 10. You can download your copy from here . The magazine is called ENCRE: the freshers’ magazine. It was started last summer, an initiative of the then Meander team led by Atul Jain. Continuing along the same lines, we published ENCRE this year as well. MOnetary troubles and Printer’s excuses limited us to an online issue but it was nevertheless appreciated by many. I hope Meander will certainly come in hard copy.

Several other things have cropped up including two term projects, apping and a revamp of Hall events in Hall 2 where I lived for the last two years. Abhaga once said to me in one of the chats that there is nothing like cultural degradation in a setting like IITK. There is a cycle of four to five years due to which we see an enormous cultural change and renaissance every four to five years or so. IITK might just be witnessing a similar revolution. The only sad thing is that my hostel is not the leader right now but then one needs to think above that some times.
Will come back soon,




1. kanha - September 14, 2006

kothari !!
do’nt do too much work.
apni sehat ka khyaal rakho.

2. phoenix - September 26, 2006

Saw your blog after quite some time…just read the whole series about the chocolate.Of course I knew a lot of it aready, but it was..err..kind of cute

3. wisemoron - September 26, 2006

Prabhu, apni sehat ke khayal se hi Dilli nahi gaye. Suna aap bahut prem patra likh ke aaye hai is baar. 😛
🙂 Thanks for reading.

4. Triece - June 25, 2007
5. Merlin - November 10, 2007


6. Bob - November 10, 2007


7. Loy - November 10, 2007


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