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Rock n roll, everything’s fine August 19, 2006

Posted by silentEcho in Music, Rhyme junction.

My first not-so-first attempt at a song.

Rock ‘n’ roll, everything’s fine

Tonite there’s sure cure for finger’s itch.
woulda take the six string for music stitch.
Tonite there’s gonna be some bread and wine,
rock n roll everything’s fine, Oh yeah, everything’s fine.

Get that reefer and kick the gong,
simulate action and sing that song.
Babe give it the whole yard nine,
rock n roll, everything’s fine, Oh yeah everything’s fine

Tonite I’ll take ya to fever pitch,
woulda rock n roll ya oh my Bitch.
Tonite you are gonna be mine,
rock n roll everything’s fine, Oh yeah everything’s fine.

After while, crocodile!




1. Swetank - August 20, 2006


Nice one. Just one refrain though?

And I’ve been waiting for you to conclude your earlier post. (Don’t know if that’s mean of me.)

2. kanha - August 31, 2006

dear tona
mere blog ka address badal gayaa hai
add this one

3. basit - September 3, 2006

whn is meandr cmin up eh d00d?

4. kanha - September 10, 2006

dear tona
here me again with some request
yaar main tumhare blog se links copy karna chahta hoon….koi dikkat to nahi hai

5. wisemoron - September 10, 2006


Naah not mean seeing that I myself am waiting for that post. But that will have to wait. Too busy here and there to blog or to return book issued from Book Club 😀

I added you Sirji. Will read the latest as soon as my watch allows me. And yes no problems with the links.

Dude, atleast comment something related remotely to the blog. I live on the floor below yours. You could ask such questions elsewhere. Anyway: Semester end if guys including you help us.

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