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A chocolate to remember – 4 July 10, 2006

Posted by silentEcho in Emotions, moron's Diary.

As far as a touching story is concerned, it ended or should have ended when I left her. But the story didn’t end. I had many more bizzare days before I got over it. I wrote several poems. The days were highly productive for me as a poet. I produced nealy two poems a week and several four liners in urdu. I completely lost myself, screwed my CPI and went down in departmental ranking. And I take the complete blame. No one but I am resposible for all that happened to me. Things I did and things that happened convinced me that this certainly wasn’t love. It was far too mundane because I don’t know her as of yet and going by external beauty and calling the thing love is, I think, the worse you can do to the whole institution called love. This was infatuation or obsession. This was a crush. I don’t know what love is but I am sure this wasn’t it. I felt guilty somehow. One reason is the fact that I didn’t keep my word. There might be other reasons but I am not sure of them. All I know is that I felt strange.

I visited IITB for Mood Indigo in December and there we ( me and Anurag ) were spectacularly successful in events. They also had a love letter writing competition as a qualifying round in a crossover event. It was all that I could have taken at that time. I mean was this nature’s idea of a cruel joke or what? Anyway it was a team event. I dunno how a team writes a love letter so I requested Anurag to let me write the letter.That love letter was my first love letter in the true sense of the word ( for the actual first read this ). It had a poem I had written and I don’t need to tell to who was it addressed.

We came first in that round and obviously qualified. Later we won that competition. Gradually I got over the whole stuff and then I thought that having done all this, I should not lose her as a friend so I added her on Orkut and Yahoo Messenger and later on GTalk. So much for the first crush. I hope we are good friends and if we are not yet then we will be someday.


The FIFA world cup just reminds me of something. Goals happen even when Goalkeepers stand defending the goal posts. I am one pesky devil…




1. full2faltu - July 10, 2006

That’s a great story. Do keep us updated.

But then move on buddy. If she is not interested, then its better to move on.


2. prashant gautam - July 11, 2006

bahut chill story hai 🙂

oh and one thing..



PS: aweome story dude.. i thought i would make my point clear first then praise you 🙂

3. wisemoron - July 12, 2006

Hey Punds…thanks for dropping by. Yeah will weave more lies out of half truths when the time comes. It’s more like moving along here but may be you are right.

Yeah we will go to IITD this time and we will write love letters but I should tell you one thing : I didn’t go to patao a kudi and no kudi got flattered. Come on man we are the best kudi repellants around. I think you know it very well.

4. jhantu - July 15, 2006

all the best

5. Swetank - July 15, 2006

Hmmmm…. good one man, and an extremely detailed description of events at that. Come to think of what the girl would have felt once you left her in IITD, ‘weirdo’could have been the only expression, but these things do happen. There are times when your thoughts are clouded, you cannot think straight, reason escapes you and you heed to no one else, but then that’s what makes you human, isn’t it.

And no matter how stupid you feel, you still cherish those acts, those moments, for they still are a part of you, no matter how dormant or how well hidden from yourself. And if she senses even an iota of honesty in your words, she’ll be a good friend.

6. wisemoron - July 19, 2006

Thanks prabhu

Yeah I agree. ‘Weirdo’ is the word. I collect memories and I will certainly cherish this one for years. Thanks for reading.

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