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A chocolate to remember – 2 July 7, 2006

Posted by silentEcho in moron's Diary.

There must be restrictions on how much beautiful can a person get. Poor guys like me, they get shocked. I handed her the letter and as if I had forgotten to blink, stood there for a few moments. She looked back at me when I realized that those in the second bench were looking at me as if I were a dog who had just rolled in muck. I went out of the room. My friend followed me soon.


“What happened? I have never seen you this silent.” said Anurag

“Yeah me too,” I hadn’t got over with what I had just seen.

“She looked okay,” Anurag

“You have got no sense of beauty man. Okay is too less a word. I wonder if there’s a word for such girls. I wonder if there is any other girl…” and I droned on and on.


In the evening we had something to eat at this eatery called ‘Sip n Bite.’ As we were leaving the eatery, I don’t know why ( the prime reason is ofcourse to eat but still ) I bought three chocolates. I gave one to Anurag and ate one myself.

“What’s the third for?” he asked.

And I don’t know why I said so, it just came out of my mouth. “This is for her.”

My friend just smiled and said, ” You haven’t got the guts man.”

I realised what I had said so I said, ” Yeah. We will eat this later.”

We had nothing much to do so we just strolled and finally settled down at the roadside near Wind T ( a tunnel shaped through way in IIT Delhi’s main building ). And there, just a few feet from me, she sat with a guy with whom she was sorting out some papers which I presumed to be those love letters ( What a waste of pages since all of them would finally be shown the way to trash bin ).

“She is there.” I didn’t need Anurag to tell me this and I certainly didn’t need that painful nudge he gave me in the ribs. ” I know, ” I said.

Seriously, they should put restrictions on how beautiful one can get. I was thinking this when suddenly I had this idea. ” I will give tis chocolate to her.”

“What!! Leave it man. You haven’t got the guts. And what if you did it and ended up beaten balck and blue.”

I was beyond reason now and ratinality had lost all meaning. My friend, for the sake of fun just kept repeating that I didn’t have the guts to do this. But for me it was not the gut thing. I just decided to do it and I have absolutely no reason. No sir, it wasn’t because my friend said I didn’t have the guys and that I wanted to show him that I had ( How the hell do I digest stuff then? ). I had no intentions of flirting around because neither is it my cup of tea nor am I interested in such things. Anyway, she rose and started to walk away towards a deserted looking road. I followed her. The road had a sidewalk and by it lay a beautiful garden with bush boundaries. She was now walking on the sidewalk and I was on the road. I jogged up to her and said, ” Excuse me.”

No answer. Not even a look. Apparently she hadn’t heard. So, “Excuse me.”

“Yes,” I felt my heart melt down. I think this is what happens when you have a crush or something like it. You like everything no matter what others think of it. So here I am standing in front of the most beautiful girl ( my perception ) on the planet who could give Lata Mangeshkar a run for money ( my perception, though I am sure she is in no way capable of running. I mean Lata Mangeshkar ). I have read stories and seen movies in which at this point the boy is completely dumbstruck and doesn’t know what to say or ends up saying crap like, ” I want to have sex with that takla. ” ( Yeah, Jhankar Beats. ) But I said what I think was the best I had to.

“I think you are very beautiful. Please have this chocolate as a token of friendship.”


“I think you are very beautiful. Please have this chocolate as a token of friendship.”

“How can I take a chocolate from you? I don’t know you.”

It was obvious. I see it now, how she would have felt then. I mean how many guys go handing out chocolates to a girl on road. But then the words just came pouring out of my mouth. “I don’t want you to know me. See I am not flirting. I have no such intentions. I won’t tell you my name or even from where I am from and I won’t ask your name or address or anything. Probably we would never ever meet again. I just want you to have this chocolate, just as a token of friendship.”

“You are not from IITD? Where are you from?”

“IITK,” It just slipped out of my mouth. Damn, just after what I had said. ” Shit. Okay I am from IITK but no name and anyhting else. Just have this chocolate. See you people do not have any hospitality or anything and a perfect stranger is giving you something as a token of frienship demanding nothing in return. Just take it. ”

“Sorry but I can’t have this chocolate. I don’t know you.”

“I don’t want you to know me, ” I repeated. “Look how many guys go handing out chocolates on street. Just have it and I will go.”

She said, ” Look, many people know me here.”

I looked around. We had reached the main road but there were very few people out and they were quite far. I couldn’t make out what she meant. I mean did she mean she knew enough people to have me thrashed or did she knew enough people in front of whom this would become something of a joke if ever it got out? In any case, I went on.

“Sorry if I am creating a scene. Look if you do not take this chocolate, I will eat it.” What the hell.

“Then eat it. ” she said so coolly that I burned.

“But I don’t want to eat it. I want you to eat it. ” And now it looked more like a classroom brawl in preparatory. She repeated that she couldn’t take it. So I said, ” If you won’t take it, I will leave it here on the bushes.” And I put the chocolate there.

“See I can’t take it. Someone else will take it from here. Please take it with you.”

“Sorry but if you are not taking it then I will leave it here.” And I turned back and started running.

I didn’t look back at her. My friend Anurag called, “Oye stop.” He was running.

“Yaar you did it really. I mean YOU did it. This was the last thing I could have dreamed of. You of all people, giving a chococlate to a girl and that too a perfect stranger.” He continued, “She took it you know.”

“She took it. Yes!!!” I was the happiest soul on Earth for that small moment ( which lasted for eternity et cetera et cetera ).

“Naah you got it wrong. She took it and was coming behind you to give it back probably. But you were running. I thought you had done smething and she was going to have you thrashed.”

I went down like a punctured balloon. We strolled away from the place and roamed for god knows how many hours talking about it and stuff like what if she came back the day after and had me beaten ( one day was left ). I didn’t want to think about it.

Anyway the next day came and soon it was time to leave. I had said stuff like “I don’t want you to know me.”, “No names nothing.” and here I was now, craving to see her just once before I left. But not all happens the way you think. I didn’t see her and we left for Kanpur. The following days turned out to be disastrous for me.

To be continued



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