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A chocolate to remember – 1 July 4, 2006

Posted by silentEcho in moron's Diary.

I know this is going to sound like a bollywood chick flick but it’s not my fault. This refers mostly to what happened in the beginning. The story has not yet ended or atleast I hope so.

The story began on an October evening when I was visiting a senior at his college. The senior was also the coordinator of the institute’s Hindi Literary Society. We were talking about Rendezvous, IITD‘s cultural festival. The conversation went on thus :

“It was really good. We roamed about, participated in competitions and won a few of them. Especially the crosswords you know. They release it three times a day and we won many of them. The prizes were chocolates but then it doesn’t matter much,” said the senior with a lot of smoke coming out of his mouth. He rivalled the fireplace chimney when it came to smoking.

“Sounds good. What else did you do?” I asked.

“Well there was the rock nite but since I have no interest so I didn’t go. Then there was the proshow for which we couldn’t get the entry pass. And the discotheque, since it was couple entry only so I had no chance.”

I wanted to respond to the last line with : “Quite understandable.” I mean an IITian entry a couples only disc is the last thing I could dream of but it happens nonetheless. The dream as well as the entry. Some lucky devils hit it right and the others, like this senior, keep puffing smoke. ANyway I said, ” Seems like I should go this year.”

“Certainly you should. It’s good to go out once in a while. You meet people you know plus there is always a chance to win some competition. Then there are the girls. Delhi girls I tell you…” and he went on describing them in his very own special way which ofcourse I can’t disclose here.

“Aha!” I said to myself, ” I am going.”

I said to him, ” This time please take me.”



He kept his word and on a fateful October evening we boarded the train to Delhi. There were five of us and since the story essentially involves only two from that group so I won’t take the troubles introducing others. The two were me and my friend Anurag. We were not the only people from our institute who were going to IITD for participating in Rendezvous. A whole contingent comprisiong about 30 people had left two days before. We were joining the action the late but it didn’t matter much.

We reached Delhi and then IIT Delhi, found the hostel alloted to us, found the rest of the contingent and after daily chores we were up for what was left for us. There weren’t much competitions left so it was mostly garden walk on institute’s money. All we had was a debate competition, a love letter writing competition and crosswords.

We participated in the Debate competition only to end up swearing that whatever may happen, we would never commit the same mistake again. Crosswords went better. Out coordinator won the first of the day and I won the last. I was happy. We had enough candies for mouth and eyes. Just perfect for someone who arrived the scene when not much for left for him. Then we went for the love letter stuff but more of it later. We went to a wordgames competition. Actually my friend Anurag found it disturbing to not to participate in some other competitions and so he dragged me to wordgames. We took the paper. It was then that I realised that all of what they called English at school was complete and utter waste of the very word. We couldn’t make head or tail of what was going on so we did what we always do best : fell asleep in the middle of the competition. There were no chairs to sit on to begin with. We extracted one from somewhere and sat on it and slept. When the competition was about to end I woke up with a start and found that I had been drooling all over, worse than a dog. Finding our goose cooked all over we returned back to our rooms and slept on.

Now for the love letter stuff. It took place before the wordgames. Anurag and I were sitting in this room for the competition. In the beginning only we were in that room when suddenly people flooded the place as if all the world was doing nothing but writing love letters. I mean come on. Was it necessary for everyone to write this letter? Poor people like me had no chance. I have never once gone over to the level of having a crush so love letter was much too academic and elite but then this was the only competition left.

So I decided to stay on and give the damn thing a try. I ended up writing the crappiest thing I had ever written. even the ugliest of the girls would dump me if I gave her the lame excuse for a love letter I had written. It was total crap, completely meant to irritate. It would have survived the laughter challenge though but then this is just my perception. My friend did better. He wrote a real love letter and seeing that he has a proper girlfriend ( so to speak ), it was probably goog. The onlt hting I felt bad about his letter ( he told me what he had written ) was that the letter consisted a fictional setting with real characters; me, him and this girl he knows. All he did in that was to paint me as a bad guy ( which I am ) and ask the girl to leave me ( which she would have done anyeway given that I am me ) and to be with him. So much for a love letter. But at the end of what I would call a complete disaster, I was kind of zapped or you might say thieled out ( do not open dictionary.com ). The reason :

While I was writing the damn letter, in walked this girl with yellow T-Shirt top. She sat on the front bench, her back facing me. Not that this is anything special. I mean this can happen to anybody anywhere. In bus, tram, lectures; to you, the person next to you, the professor you hate, the guy you would kill because your girl stood you up for him. Basically to anyone. But the thing happened when I went to submit my letter. She was coordinating the whole stuff and when I went to submit her the letter, I saw her face. Yours truly was never the same again.

To be continued



1. chachi - July 4, 2006

abey kya ussi ladki ko love letter likh diya? aur phir uska chehra tujhe pasand nahi aaya[:D]?. ya fir love-letter dump karwane ke liye likha aur baad mein woh pasand aa gayi?[:P]

2. chachi - July 4, 2006

jaldi kahani khatm kar kutte..tu kal ja raha hai na??

3. prashant gautam - July 5, 2006

aila love story 🙂

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