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the band saffron – 2 June 5, 2006

Posted by silentEcho in Stories.

"…this nation needs a wake to the dawn of reason. These are strong words but they need life. I don't know who will give them life but I hope that I am not the last and this is not the end for sure. Or may be I am a bit too hopeful and this indeed is the end. An end to the hope of millions who still have to find a meaning for their life. An end for whom the sleep is still away from eyes and may be it will be so now always and that they will sleep for now and forever. It's an end to hope for this hungry and naked nation. I don't know if anybody will come forward now. Everybody thinks we need a hero but is anybody ready to be one? Everybody needs a leader but is anybody ready to be one?

It was a dream, I had a dream. I used to have it everyday, a dream that millions here in this nation see everyday, every moment. There are two ways to break a dream, either surrender it to reality or turn it into one. This nation seems to have chosen for the first way because everybody here is a follower. They do things correctly but they don't know what it is to do correct things. Words alone are not enough my friend. There is no use trying to change the world when the world is not seeing it. Because then they would never understand the change. Words alone are not enough. Words alone make typewriters, words alone do not make man. Actions make man.

When you receive this, I will be long gone. But I do not fear it because I know there are things worth dying for. What I fear is what will happen of my dream. It was a beautiful dream and unfortunately, I woke up at the most interesting moment only to find that there still is no dawn and now I have to sleep. I hope someday you realise it and I hope you realise it before long. Sometimes it falls upon a man to be brave and great. Sometimes you can not do otherwise."

I closed the letter and looked in the envelope. My thoughts wandered for a moment. It was just a moment but in that moment I felt an eternity. My entire life went past me in that moment. My father's face swam in my view and for the first time I realised that when he died, he was smiling. "Take care of Ma." I had never understood those words.

I was feeling good. It looked good on my arm. But I knew that was not the reason why they wore it. It was not the reason why I wore it.




1. swetank - June 5, 2006

Amazing dude! Too good.

Contentwise, it is VERY inspiring. Makes you sit up and introspect, and look for shades of the dual character that this guy exhibits. And trust me, I was afraid to look within me.

Plotwise, again, the structure is good. What I liked most about it was the fact that even though the narrator’s ideology, according to the text, changes from words to action, whatever he has to say, he again WRITES it down in a letter. He could have as well said all that to his friend or at a public gathering. I don’t know if it was intentional, but it kind of shows that there is no getting away from words, that it’s not so easy to change so easily and quickly and the degree of change that is required of you and the change you are ready to go through differ a lot. It’s all about perceptions.

Having said all this, this post seems to undermine the work of those who exclusively write. It does not say that it is unimportant, but the fact that unsupported by actions to the same effect, writings in themselves are useless. True, but only if no one acts at all. It is not necessary that the writer must act on what he proposes. There are tasks cut out for everybody, and it’s not always cowardice or responsibilities tht hold you back. At times, you need to hold back to give more credibility to what you are saying and let others act on it, thus making it a double ended attack.

It all depends on situations and persons in consideration. This wasn’t particularly in reference to your post, but just a thought I had reading it.

Also, the choice of words is extremely good. The post does not meander around at all. There is a unity of effect. And a lot of things are left unsaid, that again makes it more identifiable for the reader.

Hats off to you.

2. Aditya - June 5, 2006

I see a different Kothari in these last few posts. Congrats man. Way to go.

3. Sabyasachi Ghosh - June 6, 2006

hmm..u know what, u didn’t write about those people who don’t write, and those people who don’t act: the people who are actually afraid, or i’d say have cowardice ingrained in them by the manner of their upbringing and their surroundings. Those are the people whom these two blokes in your story were always trying to motivate, and people like them form the multitude. I can sort of relate to them, being very close to them and the narrator in character. So I’m eagerly waiting for you to write about them too.



4. wisemoron - June 6, 2006


Thank you buddy. Yeah I agree. There is no absolute, I mean hollow actions may not be correct all the times. And then we need an inspiration which often comes from writing. There is a niche carved for everyone and if everyone works there to the fullest, all is good in the greensward. However, as you said, if no one acts at all then there is a problem. It depends on the characters. I intended to express that those who can lead, must lead. Instead of going behind the curtain, they should go to the mattresses.


You never know. Don’t get any preconcepts. Stay hungry stay foolish.


Point taken chachi. Will certainly write about the multitude seeing that I myself am a part of that group. I was never so brave as Rahul or others. I don’t know if I ever would be. Anyway I did refer to such people though : ” Everybody thinks they need a hero but is anybody ready to be one? Everybody thinks they need a leader but is anybody ready to be one?” But yes I will certainly write something. Thanks for the cue.

5. prashant gautam - June 7, 2006

umm…. aahhh…. hmm… this post is a… hmm.. post..

what the fuck!

congartulations for being the meander editor.. hope to read some more of you again..

you know its good.. if you dont, kindly read the top three comments!

keep posting!

6. wisemoron - June 7, 2006


Prashant’s comment is what you get if you use Nazi Intimidation techniques for comments and the person escapes. 🙂

7. chachi - June 7, 2006

@ wisemoron @ aditya “Don’t get any preconcepts”…how true..

8. Aditya - June 11, 2006

@chachi @wisemoron (whatever) –> that had nothing to do with preconcepts..anyway you can’t guess whatever concepts i had earlier..and whether they still remain intact or not..so a counter-advice..don’t assume that people hold ‘concepts’ about you which don’t define real you..
p.s. all this advice inspite of a real good post.. 😀 don’t mind (this is for chachi..coz tona man, I know you won’t accept that you DO mind :D)

9. wisemoron - June 11, 2006

Hey you know satti, you yourself proved the point. How about opening a parallel counselling service. Might help morons like me. 🙂

10. chachi - June 14, 2006

abey that was a general comment…now I roll back that preconcept thing on you..:P

11. Aditya - June 15, 2006

@chachi – chachi jhoothe! if that comment was general, why the heck was it addressed to me then?
@tona – we are discovering new places where we can take our fight (the one between me and chachi). 😉

12. Aditya - June 15, 2006

@tona – what point did i prove?
i tell you, this way you are coming back to your usual self. 😀

13. wisemoron - June 15, 2006

@Chachi and satti

You are most welcome to use this place as the battleground 😀

14. Aditya - June 15, 2006

@tona – oye, i was always my usual self!

15. Aditya - June 15, 2006

oops…last comment was a mistake..actually i badly need some sleep..have hardly slept for last 3 days..

16. chachi - June 23, 2006

since satti feels this is a battleground, hence I must utter my warcry:


17. chachi - June 23, 2006

@comment #11 addressed to me:- main jhootha nahi hoon (main kabhi jhooth nahi bolta:D)..it was just a comment made on the comment tona made..

@comment #8 – I never minded the comment itself..but i do mind how u wrote don’t mind n that too 4 me..grr

18. chachi - June 23, 2006

btw I have no animosity with satti..I’d never fight with him..its only that he wants to fight, so I’m doing this to please him..cuz i love him..

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