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Is there failure? June 3, 2006

Posted by silentEcho in moron's Diary, Spiritual.

He was smoking. He usually does despite my constant nagging about how smoke is bad for him and the people around : the usual WHO stuff. However that day we were discussing stuff and a more profound smoke was veiling my mind. I asked him about failure. And he had a lot to say.

What is failure? Is it simply that when you do not get expected results, you fail? Is there an F grade in real life to show this? I think one can't always assign an F grade to stuff. When you give a thing the best shot you could but it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to be, then is it that you failed? I don't think so. It might not be success but it isn't failure either.It is too insensitive to disglorify the efforts. Only we know what we did. If we can't value our efforts, who else will take the trouble?

Is this a self satisfaction drive? Well no. I say you didn't fail but I am not asking you to accept the status quo. THat the effort didn't bear fruit doesn't mean that you failed. All it means is that there might be better ways to do it. It's just another chance for one to be brave enough to go out there and be different so that this time, the person succeeds. There is no need NOT to rise after falling. Every body falls; those who rise, live. The world is fiercely competitive and ill-equipped in the philosophies of failure. We live in a very result oriented world. But this does not mean that there is no place for those who couldn't deliver result. Rise again, that's it.

We used to have those Main Course Books and the Litreature Readers for English in school. I don't remember in which one of these books and in which grade did I read this story about a girl whose father died in an accident and she had to work to support her mother and younger sister. But the story is very much the crux of what I want to say ( though there was nothing like failure in this story but still ). This girl went through a big emotional breakdown but she rose from the morass and finally succeeded. When asked about how she did it, she said what her father used to teach her : "Murphy's law says, 'If things can go wrong, they will.' We shall overcome."

Greatness, I think, is not just in being successful without failures. Much of its essence lies in sticking around, smiling even after failing big. That's greatness. This is what Cameron Crowe tells us in his movie Elizabethtown ( do watch it sometime and please do NOT miss HELEN STELLaR's this time around and EastMountainSouth's hard times ).

My friend had finished a complete pack by now. As the night went darker and the smoke cleared away, I found the smoke clearing away. There is nothing like failure if we give the thing the best shot we can. Let's not waste time in counting tears when there are better things to do.



1. basit - June 3, 2006

and pray who’s this smoker frend of urs??
btw elizabethtown is a good movie, kirsten dunst gave a superb perfomance, didn’t like all the movie, but liked the part where bloom tried to commit suicide, was a bit funny
and do agree with you, i think, but haven’t thought about it a lot…..

2. swetank - June 3, 2006

Hi! Thanks for your comments. Nice. Would you be kind enough to give me your name, something more revealing than ‘wisemoron’ 🙂

3. swetank - June 3, 2006

I think I got it Arvikot! Had I read your posts, I might not have asked for it. YOu’ve got quite a distinct style of your own. Will read them soon, though. Take care.

4. swetank - June 3, 2006

Just curious. Why did you thank me for the post?

5. basit - June 3, 2006

new post awaitin ur comment

6. wisemoron - June 4, 2006


The smoker friend is my Student Guide. Yeah the movie was good. I liked all of it. Remember ‘substitute people’? I am still to read the homosexuality post. Just a bit busy will get to it soon.

I have my own reasons. One of them is that the post inspired me to write something. THat stuff will be up here soon. Anyway thanks for stopping by.

7. basit - June 4, 2006

kuch naya likh yaar

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