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On sex May 31, 2006

Posted by silentEcho in Spiritual.

Just a thought. What follows is what I believe. The reader may not agree with it and may think it is too far fetched. It might be but to me it is bliss.

What is sex? A sensual, exciting way for reproduction. Or is it something more than that or may be something entirely different? When a child is in the womb, it gets nutrition through the umbilical cord. It is the tube that connects foetus to placenta and consists one or two arteries and a vein. It is not made up of ordinary skin or connective tissue and there are NO nerves in the chord. It might be that there is no sensation for the foetus except in the form of nutrition that reaches through the umbilical cord. Isn't it a bit like samadhi? No sensation of the world but still sentient. It is the highest state defined by Yog, the state of joy as I mentioned in the post On Joy . What I mean to say is that the baby is in such a state within the womb. The state of joy.When a child is born, it cries. But does it do that in the womb? I think the answer is : NO. Why is child birth so difficult? I think the basic reason might be the reluctance to separate. The reluctance from abandoning the communion which the baby in the mother's womb represents. That there can be a unity more profound than this is an idea inconceivable to me. It is this reason that many species follow what is called the Lotus Birth wherein the umbilical cord is not clamped and cut but is allowed to disconnect by itself. See the spiritual implications. Why destroy what might be the most joyful moments in one's life?

This communion is felt by the mother as well. That she can conceive a soul and that she is the creator herself is the greatest work ever done. To BE is the greatest miracle of all. She is the manifestation of this miracle.

Now why am I discussing these things. This post was meant to be about sex. The dots connect. Here's how :

Sex might be a man's search for his mother or the joy he had when he was being conceived. Free from sensation yet sentient, the highest state of all. It is the drive to find that communion again. To be one, to lose himself. The same drive, in the sense of unity applies to women but there might be more in store for them.For women, it is the manifestation of her ability to create life, a manifestation of the greatest miracle of all : to BE. The drive to use the power bestowed to her. When a child is born, not only is the child born – the mother is also born. Before that she was an ordinary woman; through the birth she becomes the mother. And a mother is totally different from a woman : her whole existence becomes qualitatively different. Osho said this and I think this drive to a qualitatively different existence is what sex is for a woman.

I know it is too far fetched and too premature seeing that I myself have not had any sex. Nor can I be expected to have it soon. I think even those who have had it never thought about it this way but it certainly is the path to the sex sanctified. To me it can't be something which is just a biological mechanism of a race's survival. The idea of self realisation through it somehow appeals to me.The post has some of my own thoughts plus inputs from a Reiki session I attended.



1. phoenix - May 31, 2006

nice thoughts..interesting read.

Btw, mind telling me ur rreal name?

2. wisemoron - June 1, 2006

My real name is wisemoron. Spell it A-R-V-I-N-D K-O-T-H-A-R-I.


3. Johnny Tent - July 30, 2006

Come on! Never knew about this side of yours! This is oof so interesting. And yeah, this idea of yours is definitely appealing. Though sounds of Basic Instinct will always resoundingly echo in my mind forever:
…………..”I used to fuck him. I liked fucking him”- Sharon Stone………………
*Drools on half the CC machines.. causes major short circuit*
Maybe your article explains why she actually did!!

Johnny Tent

4. Cash - August 23, 2006


Very nice blog. I ll come back :]

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