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The window on the east – 1 May 29, 2006

Posted by silentEcho in Stories.

It was a beautiful morning. Little Peter could feel it by the gusts of the breeze coming from the east window. Even Granny was in good mood. It had been a long time since Granny's last smile. It happened when Madame Maya had agreed to help Peter. He remembered the tears of gratitude in Granny's eyes when Madame had agreed to look after him. Granny was happy. But this was about an year ago. Things changed. Madame yielded to his clumsiness and stamped out of the house leaving an angry and tearful Granny and a helpless Peter behind. But Granny was happy today. They had a new house now and she had found a full time maid for him. So now she could go on her month long trip to meet her sister who lived in the next town and was sick. Granny gave the maid her instructions about the house and Peter. She kissed him and then left. "I will get you a new chair when I come back," she said and continued, " be good."

Peter was very young the day he lost control of his legs. But then it was a very bad day. Granny had told him. His parents left him that day to do some important work. They had not returned and Granny had looked after him since then.

The first few days after Granny left were very uneventful. Peter was bored. The maid was nice but she bored him a lot. She did not took him around and he was unable to move without his chair. One fine morning however, a woman visited him. She lived a few blocks away and was very beautiful. She had flowing golden hair, serene smile and was clad in white. She was probably in her early thirties. She said that she knew Granny and wanted to talk to him. She was nice and told Peter several stories. Soon it became a routine. She would come over every morning and talk to Peter; teaching him things and telling him stories. She looked after him until sundown at which time she used to go back. Peter began to like her.

He had this strange feeling about the woman. Even when she was not with him, sometimes her voice rang in his ears. Peter would look around whenever this happened to see if she was there. She looked strangely familiar but he couldn't recall any instance of seen the lady before. 

"It's a very beautiful view from here Peter. Why don't you try and come here? See there are beautiful birds, grasses and sheep out here. The whole beautiful countryside." She would say everytime she looked out of the window on the east.

"How can I? I can't walk. Please carry me. I want to see the birds, the sky and the sheep." But she always refused to carry him, just like the maid. Once, Peter tried to move but failed.

"I can't. I am afraid."

"Afraid of what?"

"Afraid of falling down. I might get hurt. Besides there is no feeling in my legs," said Peter sadly.

"Everybody falls Peter. Those who rise, live. These wounds are there to make us strong. They are here to make us live up to what we actually are. Just try."

But Peter couldn't do what she said. One day the lady in the white said this again.

" The breeze is cool and it is so good outside. Why don't you try and come over here Peter? Look there is the shepherd trying to get his herd back. And the birds flying here and there…"

"Don't you see that I can not walk. I don't have my chair here. Please carry me. I want to look out of the window. Please carry me," Peter cut in between and pleaded.

"I can't. You should come here yourself," she said.

This time Peter became angry. "You are bad. I don't want to talk to you. You say that you like me but you won't carry me. You are bad! Go away! I don't want to see you again!" and Peter buried his face in the pillow. She went away while Peter wept and fell asleep.

To be concluded.



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