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Montgomery May 20, 2006

Posted by silentEcho in Stories.

NOTE : I wrote this story because I was happy at how small the story would be but again the idea behind the story is not so new.


The police never had a problem in mainataining law and order in Jacksville. The town was by all standard a town : compact and friendly. But this was before the dual murder at Montgomery Estate. This place was ten miles outside the town like an extension. Not many people lived there. The Police were having trouble hunting for the evidences because seemingly the cold-blooded murderer hadn't left any.

It was a gloomy evening at the police department's office when Sergeant Maybury rushed in.

"Any luck Serg?" asked Chief Davy. He continued, "You look tense."
"Yeah! The murder at the estate is not a dual murder Chief," he said, his face strangely twisted.
"We have recovered another body. The situation's not good. I suggest you have a look."

The last star had appeared when they reached the estate and the lower rung officials were already leaving the site. The police guard at the gates saluted Davy. "It's good that you are here sir we just…"

"I know, I will see. Keep your guard."

"This way Chief," said Maybury and he led the way. He walked at surprisingly fast pace leading Davy across the estate when finally they reached an old cottage looking over the fence.

"What's this place? You said you recovered a body. Where is it? Whose body is it?"

Maybury rubbed the sweat off his forehead, his eyes shining. Smiling, he said, "mine."

Davy's funeral was grim business.



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