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On Joy March 19, 2006

Posted by silentEcho in Spiritual.

Read a piece by Barry Long from his 'The Mask' and I couldn't resist to put up a part of it here. It's so true. Have a read:

Life is to be enjoyed, to be made conscious by enjoying it. When you enjoy anything you do, you are conscious. If you enjoy dancing, you are conscious while dancing. If you enjoy gardening, you are conscious while gardening. If you enjoy your work, you are conscious while working. Every moment of your life and you are living consciously as well as joyously.It's as simple as that.

Joy or consciousness is your natural state. It's always there. It's like the sun that is always shinig above the shadow of the earth and clouds. Stop living in your own shadow, and the sun, the joy, immediately shines.

Living joyously is the joy of clarity – no problems.

This is there now, inside you, just waiting to be lived. You don't have to strive for it, search for it or make it. It's you. It's yours, your very being.

It is wonderful the way he puts joy and our conscious being at the same level. They are indeed the same. Joy indeed is our natural state. We all seek it. Just like the state of stable equilibrium, a slight disturbance from the equilibrium, the restoring force, here our soul, tries to carry us back to the equilibrium…the state of joy, divine pleasure : neither sorrow nor happiness…just joy.



1. Musafir... - April 10, 2006

The SHM analogy can also be presented as “the mean positionmis a state of being neutral, the extremities represent joy and sorrow”. Clearly, I go against Barry Long.

2. wisemoron - April 11, 2006

Actually you have not gone against Long. You are confused as to the terminology he used. The neutral state is JOy, the extremes are Happiness and sorrow. That’s a way of REPRESENTING neutrality. By joy he means the state of being detached from the extreme stuff. The state of bliss which by the way has been defined by Patanjali and others as the highest state of consciousness.

3. Nikhil Mahant - April 21, 2006

Oh thanks! now, surely I got it.

4. ramanathan - May 8, 2006

well the term joy is interpreted in different ways..in the domain of eastern philosophy..the term joy pertains to something ephemeral…and as u have noted, we strive always to achieve our state of equilibrium or rather i should say equanimity… and surely something ephemeral cant be that state..higher in the cadre is a term happiness and still higher is what is called “bliss.” infact if u r really interested, then i rewuest u to refer to the Taittariya upanidhad’s Aananda Valli in which these terms are are well quantified beyond any ambiguity…….hope iam clear..

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