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he gave me a letter… March 16, 2006

Posted by silentEcho in moron's Diary.


I don't know what I will be writing or may be I know, I am not sure. But I am sure you will probably understand what I want to say. When I will hand on this letter to you, you will remember that once I said that I wanted to say something. Then you will remember a lot many things.

I have done things that do not make me feel very nice about me. May be, I won't be able to act in the best manner possible but what I can do is do what I can because I want it so. You have been one of the best persons I met so far in my life, a good friend. Things happened, things changed. I will like to a poem here… or let it be. I have been trying to change things again, probably they were. Then I just wanted to see it happening and not say a word. I expected you to understand without me saying anything.

This was all I wanted to say to you in person but couldn't, I don't know why. It just delayed the things. Well, this is it. Nothing more to say. I will watch things happening.

You are a very good person, I know that. Wishing you Best of luck.

abs. 07/02/06

Best of Luck.


He gave me this letter and he left. We used to be together but we parted. He went with someone else and I never knew the reason. Neither did he tell me about where I was wrong, what was my fault or things like that. But then he gave me this letter one day. We could have been better. We could have had great time together but it didn't happen. I still do not understand the "why" thing in the whole event but it is no longer significant. We are on different trails…trails which will never intersect from whatever we know now.



1. Musafir... - April 10, 2006

Sometimes it becomes very confusing to decide whether our being a human is a limitation or a virtue.. for we humans are so inexact and constrained that most of the times we cant even understand ourselves, again, it’s only us who can feel what it means to be alive… the amalgamation of blissful feelings and confusion expressed in the letter is moving, and the language could’nt have been better. You are fortunate to have such {friends}.

2. wisemoron - April 11, 2006

In fact yes, I agree with you as far as the person in question is concerned. I learned a lot from him and so i really was fortunate to have him. Yeah it depends on situations sometimes, the non-linearity of human thought makes it a virtue at times and at times a limitation or put strongly, a vice. Thanks for reading.

3. Noreen Sanders - June 22, 2008

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An Artful Roger

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